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CarboLife Curve L


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CarboLife CURVE handrims are the perfect ergonomics for every grip.

Who are CURVE tyres suitable for? For wheelchair users with full hand function.

What are the advantages of CURVE tyres? The innovative profile shape enables you to have a controlled grip that is easy on the hand and stabilises your wrist. Compared to a conventional handrim, the reduced fatigue of the hand muscles reduces the occurrence of cramps, has a pain-reducing effect on carpal tunnel syndrome and creates a relaxed, sustainable riding experience.

Which profile size and coating do we recommend? Wheelchair users with small hands should use the small CURVE profile. For normal and large hands, we recommend the larger CURVE L-profile. Those who like to ride fast downhill in higher temperatures should use the anodised surface.

CarboLife now only offers the Curve L with an anodised surface. If you are interested in a powder-coated version, please contact us via the Contact form with us.

CarboLife push rims are generally available with the two common mounting variants:

  • Fastening by means of 6 straps (The handrims have six welded aluminium plates with holes, which are attached to the wheel rim by means of M5 bolts.)
  • Fastening by means of 6 threaded inserts (The hand rims have six inserted M5 threads. The fastening screws are guided through the wheel rim and, if necessary, spacer sleeves and screwed into the push rim.)


If you have any questions or are unsure about the type of fastening, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

The price is the unit price for one handrim. Some of the drive wheels shown in the pictures are not included in the scope of delivery and serve as an example of the product in its assembled state.

Additional information

Product name

CarboLife Curve L


CarboLife technologies GmbH & Co.KG

Manufacturer's page

Hand function

full hand function with full hand force

Size / Mounting type / Installation dimension

24" / 6 lugs / 512 mm, 24" / 6 lugs / 523 mm, 25" / 6 lugs / 535 mm, 26" / 6 lugs / 565 mm, 26" / 6 lugs / 576 mm, 24" / 6 M5 threaded inserts / 502 mm, 24" / 6 M5 threaded inserts / 515 mm, 24" / 6 M5 threaded inserts / 520 mm, 25" / 6 M5 threaded inserts / 539 mm

Surface / Coating

anodised (black), anodised (silver)

Hand size

normal – large

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