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Wheelchair wheel maintenance

including 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: on request


Your wheels no longer run round, i.e. they have a radial and lateral run-out?

The ball bearings are heavy or worn out?

Spokes are damaged or loose and the Wheels ride kind of "spongy"?

Then our “Full Wheel Service” the solution. We bring your bikes back to the best possible condition! Regardless of whether they are your everyday or sports bikes. No matter how old and from which brand the wheels are and whether they are built with steel or cable spokes.


  1. You order the maintenance for the desired number of wheels here in our shop.
  2. You send us the bikes or bring them to us in Chemnitz. If you do not have suitable packaging for shipping, please contact us. We can send you a sufficiently large box including a return label. We charge a flat rate of €25 for this shipping service.
  3. We carry out the service professionally and quickly on site. First of all, defective parts such as spokes, ball bearings, tyres etc. are professionally replaced by us. We only use high-quality brand products from companies such as Spinergy, Sapim, Enduro Bearings, Ceramic Speed or Schwalbe. The material costs incurred for this will be invoiced separately after the maintenance. If these costs exceed 25 €, we will contact you again in advance.
  4. We center your wheels within a tolerance of ±0.15 mm (radial and lateral runout) and apply a sensible and preferably uniform spoke tension. The wheels are mechanically destressed several times during this process so that the serviced wheels have a long-lasting stable condition.
  5. We will send your bikes back to you as soon as possible after servicing, usually within three days. Alternatively, you can of course collect your bikes from us on site. You can find information on the shipping costs here.


We only use high-quality tools from companies such as P&K Lie, Centrimaster, Kukko, Unior, Bosch and Wiha for all our work. This and our many years of experience guarantee that work such as bearing replacement does not leave any unnecessary marks on the bike. On request, you will also receive the maintenance log. All work, radial and lateral run-outs and spoke tensions before/after maintenance are clearly documented here.

Optionally, you can also order the fitting of new accessories such as tyres (incl. rim tape and inner tube) or push rims. Simply add the parts to be fitted to the shopping basket and write us a short note in the "Additional information" field during the ordering process. We will mount the accessories free of charge after maintenance.

We also regularly carry out bike maintenance for sports teams, including the Thuringia Bulls and the RSV Lahn-Dill and can also support your team on special terms if required. Please send us an e-mail for this purpose:

Quote André Bienek (coach Thuringia Bulls):

From the first contact, Brave Components showed great competence and passion for wheels. The initial conversation quickly turned into a close working relationship. The wheels of a wheelchair basketball player are subjected to a lot of stress. With daily training and weekend games, there is no time to be without wheels for long. Brave Components was able to overhaul wheels in a very short period of time and get us back into playing shape. And the quality of the bikes that came back was outstanding. Brave components, competent, ambitious, likeable.â

Quote Mike Reichardt (Coach Chemnitz RBB Niners):

"The quality of the work and the overall service provided by Brave Components are so outstanding that I am delighted to also have this company as a partner and official sponsor for the 'RBB Team NINERS Chemnitz'."

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